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The Folk Factory, the sound of honest ferocity

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Atmospheric ballads and folk-rock songs, driven by a fast-paced accompaniment of banjo, guitar, accordion, and mandolin, awakening your inner ferocity.
That is how the Danish folk quartet, The Folk Factory, is best described. Their sound is modern folk-rock and gives a backlash to the polished and auto-tuned music that otherwise roar out of today’s radio..

Their feet are their drumsticks

Bands like Mumford & Sons, Avett Brothers, and The Lumineers have inspired The Folk Factory to get back to basics with their sound. They have broken away from the control of a drummer and are tapping a tambourine and a standing bass drum with their feet instead. The well-placed strokes are combined with acoustic instruments from the traditional folk music - but in a modern package.

Two singers are better than one

The Folk Factory also differs by having two lead singers - Morten Fast and Jon Bonde Eriksen. Their unique sound and special intensity in vocals truly come into their own during the band's live performances. They dazzle the audience, who trample the floor in beat with the pulse of the bass drums. The Folk Factory transcends beyond the stage, making the crowd feel both the experience and the good company.

Go ahead and listen

The Folk Factory went into the studio to record their debut EP ‘Go To Sleep’ in October 2012. Their EP is mixed and mastered by Søren Brylle, who's earlier productions have won the award for ‘Danish folk album of the year’ at the Danish Music Awards Folk 2011. The Folk Factory’s debut EP ‘Go To Sleep’ was released on the 1st of February 2013 and is available on iTunes, Amazon, and on streaming services like Spotify, Wimp etc.

The Folk Factory:

The Folk Factory Live

Jon Bonde Eriksen: Lead vocal, guitar, mandolin, and tambourine.
Morten Ræbild Fast: Lead vocal, guitar, banjo and standing kick drum.
Lasse Hansen: Accordion, keys, backing vocals.
Mads Nyland: Banjo, mandolin, backing vocals.